Who Am I?

Hello Everyone!


My name is Sylvia (as you can tell)! I am a thirteen years old girl. You know the girl who is unpopular, with braces and the worst thing…has the really frizzy and wavy hair which doesn’t stay normal!
I am also a fangirl of YouTube, Harry Potter, books and … maybe you and I will find out more about me as we spend our time in this corner of the Internet! By the way I did say this is an anonymous blog but that doesn’t mean you don’t know me. You know in Fault in our Stars Augustes says to Hazel “No your real story” (if you don’t get what I mean that’s because either a)I am not wording it properly or b)you haven’t watched the movie. In that case, you better watch it)! Anyways as you can tell I ramble a lot, imagine, dream, worry a lot. I alerted you at the start I am weird.

My hobbies/Interests are photography, blogging  (obviously), art, listening to music and being me! Haha! By the way I am not British, I am Sri Lankan  (basically similar Indian). So only thing that’s really interesting about me that my friends think is speaking a different language which I am forgetting cause I am talking in Englsih mostly. Oh well my bad.

I really didn’t like writing a whole and first blog post all about me! I’ll choose a really good topic for the next post. Unfortunately that’s it for now but I’ll be uploading new post every week (usually in the weekends). Please feel free to comment down below for topic suggestions for future posts. Hope you liked reading this post!



11 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Aww I love this! Trust me people do read 13 year old blogs. I only recently told my mum about my blog and she was so happy about it. Because I kept at it and didn’t stop. I don’t think that your mum will ground you. Just wait a couple of months until your blog really kicks off!


  2. I really like this!! Its so sweet and quirky 🙂 I think its really brave to put yourself out there on the internet, so well done!! 🙂 I’m fifteen (so not much older) and I can tell u that most definitely i don’t think people worry too much about how old u r… Its what u put into your blog 🙂
    Also I think its really cool that you come from Sri Lanka! Its always awesome to hear about people from other countries 🙂 (I have NZ) 🙂
    I was also wondering if u have any advice for blogging? 🙂
    Lui 🙂

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