Depression & Anxiety 

Hello Everyone!

Depression & Anxiety

The definition of depression: is feelings of severe despondency and dejection.
The definition of anxiety: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.
(By the way I didn’t use these fancy words, I copied my friend google!)

I’m going to try and help you get through this (we can do it together!). If you don’t suffer from these two horrible things, then lucky you. But what you could do is try and support the people around you who are suffering this.Now for the past few months, I’ve been feeling crap about myself and my life. I’ve been through many situation that I don’t even know how to describe or explain. Then lately I’ve been worrying about my mental health so I searched. A lot. So lately I found out that I’ve been suffering depression and anxiety! Wow, I just really needed that, didn’t I?



The mistake I made is not telling anyone about my issue until it was at a point of where I couldn’t control it. So advise you to tell as many people asap. Also I do advise you to take a mood self test which tells you ur score for depression and anxiety. (Read the start bit)

Hope that helped! Well it helped me! I just make sure that you should never give up even at the hardest time. And I do know that it’s harder to do than say. Let’s spread the happiness! Bye have a great time!



35 thoughts on “Depression & Anxiety 

  1. Aww I suffer from anxiety and possibly depression and I left it too late. I had multiple breakdowns, from which my friend saw the worst of me! Now I go to therapy! It’s good to talk. (Ps keep up the good work on your blog!)


  2. What a beautiful post… I read it after I published my post and I was just like ” was I subconsciously influenced by this?” Haha
    Its good to see awareness spreading and that its ok to talk about it – that its no longer something we have to keep secret! 🙂
    Thankyou so much LifeChase!! 🙂

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      1. It’s ok! Just helping out! Is it possible if you could tell your scores, (nosey I know) cause I feel like my score’s really high! If not it’s ok! Well mine are
        Depression :20

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      2. Wow yeah mine is really low in compare, maybe I did not umderstand all the questions or I don’t admit my behaviour but well.I did the test twice. Depression 9/8; Anxiety: 11/9.
        Yeah 😉 Love to talk to u x

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      3. Wow mine are high – I need to sort it out! Hope you’re alright! You could actually go to the doctors and ask for some help but I can’t for a reason that I really can’t tell. Sorry!

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  3. Anxiety and depression can be awful. If they never existed, they would not be missed. Sometimes we just need to vent to feel better. Fantastic list of resources too

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