Hello Everyone!

So before I start with this blog post, I wanted to tell you why I haven’t been blogging as much as I want to. Well every time I plan to type the blog post, I get really depressed and anxious so I would feel really really miserable. So I didn’t want to spread the bad vibes in this amazing place. But I kind of realised that it was my choice to either try being happier or cry my eyes out (I do that a lot!😵). So I chose to cheer myself up and try and be happy. So here I am:

So as you can tell again (I really need to make my titles a bit more interesting) that I am going to talk about twins! Now if you remember my blog post about me, well I didn’t really write  everything about me because 1)I’ve lived about 14 years and I could be writing a whole book about me and 2)I wanted you to find out about me as you spend more time in this part of the internet!

So I’ve decided to write about twins because … I AM A TWIN! Sorry for the exaggeration. Anyways, yes I am twin. I’ve got a twin  brother. I mean I don’t absolutely hate being a twin but I don’t enjoy being twin if you know what I mean. There are some good and some (more) bad things about being a twin. I don’t actually properly know what I feel about being a twin, it normally depends on the mood and situation I am in and how my brother is feeling. (Am I even making any sense?) Anyways here are some reasons why I think it’s good/bad in being a twin:

Good reasons of being a twin:

  1. They understand you a lot better because they are they same age as you
  2. Parents treat you the same as your twin (usually). E.g you don’t have to do the dishes because you’re older or set an example! 
  3. They won’t annoy you as much

Bad things about being a twin:

  1. Get half of everything. E.g I get less pocket money because my mum needs to give my twin his money!
  2. Your twin will know everything that you do in school. E.g if I got a detention, he will know – I am a goodie-tissue I don’t get detentions
  3. Need to be careful what you tell your brother cause he could be telling people in your year
  4. You get only half of your birthday cake
  5. You share your birthday. And trust me that annoys me. It’s meant to be my day😠

These are some of the things I just can’t think of it now! But to be honest the worst thing about me being a twin is, he is just older than me by how many minutes: 1 STUPID MINUTE! It annoys me so much. But I am the smarter one so it’s ok. Well hope you liked this post and sorry for only few reasons (I can’t think of anything). And please do tell me if you have a twin or someone you know cause where I live now there is one twin I know so far!



22 thoughts on “Twins!

  1. Haha I thought this was hilarious! That’s so cool that you have a twin! I have a brother any everything thinks we’re twins… Even though he’s a year and half younger (which is annoying for me! 😉) haha

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  2. I have a twin brother too! I agree with you, their are good parts and bad parts but lucky for me I am the older one! YASSSS! (I feel you though). In primary school it was annoying as whenever I did something, he would know and tell our parents but we are at different high schools so it doesn’t matter anymore! It was a bit weird not being with him at first but I got used to it pretty quickly. Even though they can get REALLY annoying to the point you want to punch them in the face, I couldn’t really imagine not having a twin brother. I feel really sorry for everyone with no siblings because Christmas and holidays just can’t be the same, and the all round banter is hilarious. I’m really glad I found your blog, just followed, I really look forward to reading more of your posts in the future because I can relate to this one big time ha ha 🙂 ❤

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    1. It’s really nice to hear someon who has a twin brother! And I do agree with you, it’s weird if you get speared but annoying when together! I’ve checked out your blog too

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  3. I have a younger brother and I soooo want to have a twin! I love my brother obviously but seriously sometimes it’s really annoying !
    Also I LOVE your blog I’m so happy I found it!!! ❤ It's so much fun writing a blog!

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  4. I have 9month old twin boys and will keep this in mind when they grow up… Two cakes it is 😉 I have just starting writing about twins… If you’re interested 😃

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