Back To School! #1

Hello Everyone!

I AM BACK! YAYYYY! I am so happy! OK, let’s move on and sorry for that excitement! First of all a BIG thanks to all of you who have been so so so motivative and supportive! I’ve been happier (for once)! And also thank you, to all of you who commented on the previous post! It really did help me figure out what you liked to see! So ok I know nearly everyone wanted back to school posts which is absolutely fine. And for those who wanted anything else I’ve tried to combine it or write about it in the coming up posts! I am so sorry for that!

As you can see by the title me, aka Life Chase, is making a back to school series! If you don’t like this you’ll have to wait till tomorrow for my next blog post! Sorry! So I had a choice between back to school/how to survive school or goals. So I thought I’d merge them together. As this is my first bts (back to school, not that Korean band that some of my friends are weirdly obsessed with. I am sorry if you’re one of them), I thought I should start by setting some goals (school included)! (The boring part -) my mum always used to say set yourself some goals and if you really want to succeed then your work will be the best. If you don’t know what I mean, basically setting goals is another way to success! So lets get going:

  1. Before ANYTHING try to stay positive – (you don’t have to read this part but oh well) positivity one of the main things that will make you determined and motivated!
  2. Try to be more honnest – ‘2015 -2016’ has been currently the worst years of my life. I’ve been through SO MUCH! I have kept all my sadness away from everyone! You don’t know how many times I’ve pushed back my tears to hide my feelings! I’ve started telling my best friends (two). It feels AMAZING!
  3. Make myself prettier – last year I was so depressed where I wouldn’t even bother to brush my hair I would think who’s going look at this shit. Making me look prettier makes me much more confident 
  4. More cycling and working out sessions – working out makes you more confident, positive and calm! Trust me, I’ve just lately experienced it!
  5. Meditate – it’s like going to sleep but whilst your awake. You could start thinking of things but that doesn’t matter. The whole of you will relax and start figuring out things
  6. More DIY – it’s so unique and it doesn’t have to be to the perfection, even the mistakes might look good!
  7. Writing a story – I have always wanted to write a fiction book. I’ve started stories but never end it so my bad!

    Now you might think, how on earth is this meant to be a bts post, well don’t worry it’s coming up now:

    1. Wall of Memory – I’m thinking of starting to have a wall full of post stick notes with little things to remember (like words). Then each day choose one, and memorise!
    2. Take Notes – take as many notes as possible in lessons so it’ll help me with revising 
    3. No Last Minute Revision – by this I mean I need to revise maybe a month or two before the exams so I don’t need to PANICK PANICK PANICK!
    4. Be more organised – this will help me with revision and future when I have bigger exams and office or etc…
    5. Contribute more – I’ve always been the shy little girl who never puts her hand up and if picked starts panicking. (Sounds so not cool)! So put my hands up and volunteer more!
    6. Not care about other’s judgment – I am always self conscious because I am like am I ok? Would it make me look like a crank head etc? E.g  my mum said you can do this private gcse test earlier than my actual gcse so I could stop panicking in my real test and do the test calmly. But I was like my friends are going to think I am a weirdo. But I realised it’s good so I am thinking about it!
    7. Look up words in a dictionary – my mum’s always complaining that I am reading too much but I’ll say oh I’m learning words. but I don’t. I get too into the book that I forget to write the words down!

      Well that’s all my goals for now! If you think you have simialr/different/other goals leave them down below in the comments! We’re meant to be sharing our ideas, right! Well hope you liked the post! Let’s spread the good vibes! πŸ˜„πŸ€—

      – LIFEOFFπŸ‘‹

      ⬆(New outro)


      34 thoughts on “Back To School! #1

      1. Helpful post, I’ve also done some tips for back to school that could help you, please check it out and if you like it subscribe!!!
        Hope that this school year is going to be better for you

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      2. good to see u blogging again!! πŸ˜€
        I completely get how you feel about putting your hand up in class – I’m always too nervous, and I think I’ll set that as a goal for myself now, to put my hand up more! thanks for the inspiration!! πŸ˜€
        Also I get the whole “making yourself look prettier” thing πŸ™‚ in yr. 10 (so when I was fourteen) I started wearing just a bit of concealer and I got my hair cut nicely and I just started feeling a lot more confident πŸ™‚ but remember your beautiful no matter what πŸ™‚
        what a lovely, and helpful post!! πŸ˜€ xx

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      3. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog I love it. I’m 14 so were similar in age so I can relate loads!! I would really appreciate if you checked out my blog but I totally understand if you don’t want to. It’s

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