Back to School #2

Hi Everyone!

I know it’s pretty late to be doing this series but I’ve been trying sort out my change of name. I thought I should do a school haul but loads of people did that so I wanted to try something else. Then I was like why don’t I talk about the bitches and dicks in school? In another word, populars. So basically how to survive school with populars!

I am sure you know about populars in school. But if you don’t then:

Populars: Mostly bitches and dicks who think they’re cool and have the power rule the school. (Not really but oh well)!

Side note: First of all if you’re one of them then sorry but I know LOADS of people who have the same opinion about them. So.maybe this is a post where you find out how others feel about you! Plus if you tell me that I’m wrong, well I’ve moved LOTS of schools and I have very similar opinions. 

Now the explaining bit is over let’s talk about the types of populars (some populars are combined types! E g sporty and rebel): 

(Both girls and boys)

  1. Sporty – most populars are always sporty and probably in a school team. Physical education, in other words PE is always the toughest subject and it’s worse with the populars.
  2. Rebels – this means they’re are the ones with behaviour reports and often start fights and don’t give a shit about where they are.
  3. Bitchy – these are the ones that annoy me the most, as they’re the worst. It’s like a bad force field around the person. So not going near them.
  4. Rich – these people tend to always have the best accessories like phone, watch etc. Non-uniform day is the best day to wear their most expansive clothing and shoes.
  5. Kind & Clever ish – these types of populars are very rare because they’re populars,  who expects them to be like a normal person. I’ve seen very few of these!

(Girls only) (I’m not doing a boys only because I barely know them)

  1. Clown Faces – these girls…OMFG… have faces like cakes. It looks like they’ve done 100 coats of foundation. They’re eyes slightly better. OK, I get that they’re wearing makeup but why use so much. It’s school, it’s not a fashion show.
  2. Mount Faces – these populars are so moody. Literally don’t smile at ALL. I thought at the start that they’re were unhappy but come on, everyday? I have problems in life (really bad) and I don’t stay grumpy all day cause school is an excuse to forget the bad part.
  3. Guys Love – these girls have boyfriends most of the time. One month they’re with someone and after a while (not an exact time) with someone else. I get boys like you but have a break!
  4. Teacher’s Pet – for some subject teacher absolutely love the populars! Cough…PE…Cough…Drama…Cough…..Dance…etc. 

To survive school with populars you have to follow 3 main rules:

  1. Don’t use them as role models/ idols
  2. Don’t try turning into them
  3. Avoid them

I’ve been in school for about 8 years (maybe more if my calculations were wrong) and I am poplar-free. I use those 3 rules above and I am so clean. Happy! I am sooooo sorry if you are one of the populars, but these were my opinion.

Well hope you liked this post and let’s spread the good vibes!



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