Summer is over…

Hi Everyone!

So I love taking pictures, as you might of guessed, summer is the one of the best times for photography as you spend more time outside and everything is fresh! Well even though UK has a bit of sun now and I feel like autumn is approaching us and summer is leaving us by everyday. So before we forgot how sunny (for once) England was in 2016 (because previous summers been like freaking autumn), I wanted to share some of my photos of flowers.

To me flowers are so natural and beautiful and fresh and … basically summer. By this I don’t mean flowers represent summer but part of it I guess! Recently I went to this theme park and the place was so entertaining but also beautiful with LOTS of flowers! I was like a kid on their birthday cause I took out my phone and started running straight away to the flowers for pictures! So here are some of the pictures I took:

I couldn’t choose my favourite as they all look amazing! But feel free to comment down below your favourite!

Well hope you have a great day and spread the good vibes!






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