Back to School #3

Hello Everyone!

It’s been freaking long since I lasted did a post. I am so so sorry! It’s just ,as loads of others, I have started school and trust me I am been sooooooooo busy that I barely even get any sleep. Plus I am not that used to being a year 10. Yep so today I am going to be talking about the first two week of school (Damm, time just floes when you have too many homework). 

Well the first day was so not bad but OMFG I was bombarded with freaking 2 homework from each lesson which was not pleasant (such an underestimated word). Plus I know you’re probably going to kill me as I am still catching up with PLL (Pretty Little Liars – A). OK let’s say I am watching season 3. Ooops! My bad.

Anyways you what’s worst that I have barely any lessons with my friends which is crazy. I am thinking of stopping there as I can literally fall asleep now. See told you that I am working hard and dieing at the same time. Coming back with more energy next time. Byeeeee!


P.s I am so sorry to people who have nominated me for awards! It’s just I am ti… *yawn*goodnight 


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