I GOT IT…..!

Hello Everyone!



I am not sure if you know but I live in the UK (also known as Great Britain/England/I don’t know – tell me if you call UK something else). Well if you do live in the UK you’ll probably know about the NEW FIVER! Now What happened is that the old five pounds note has changed this year! Now you might think this is pretty lame and sad but for some freaking reason I’ve been really excited to get the new note. What I think is the best thing about the new fiver is that it’s waterproof! Ok, at the start I was like that’s not normal but if you think about it, its really cool (well at least to me)! And guess what … I GOT IT…..!



(I did take pics but couldn’t upload it to WordPress because of technical errors! So these pics are from google )

I got and for like 5-10 minutes I was just staring and touching every part of that freaking fiver! But I know you probably found this post pretty boing but it was for me to remember in the future how childishly I reacted to things. My bad. Well hope you have a great and amazing life! Spread the good vibes!




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