Hello Everyone!

So today is just going to be a very quick post! I just wanted to announce that I am going to be doing a Q & A soon! So it would be AMAZING if you could just leave some questions either in the comments below or tweet them to @lifechase . I would really love to answer some of your questions. I should be doing this Q & A in December because of another exciting reason… I AM GOING TO BE DOING 24 DAYS OF BLOGMAS! And that’s because 1) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE XMAS an 2) i love blogging! So if you have any ideas for BLOGMAS leave that down below in the comments too! I am announcing this now cause I have very little of you reading my blog and it would gradually build up into some questions!


29 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENTS

  1. Yeah! I’m loving that people are starting to doing Blogmas!! I gave you a great idea, isn’t it??
    Can wait to see all your Xmas posts!! I’m alao going to do BLOGMAS. It will be amazing!!
    The questions:
    – What do you like the most about Chrsitmas?
    – Your gold blogging tip:

    Please check out my blog and comment on it:
    It will mean a lot!!

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  2. Hey Silviya!!!!
    I’m so excited to hear that ur doing blogmas too!! I’m hoping to do blogmas as well 😀 do u maybe want to do a potential collar for blogmas? 😀
    What do U like to do for Christmas eve?
    Best Christmas memory?
    Favourite Christmas food?
    Have U ever had a snowy Christmas?? 😀
    Lui xx

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  3. Hey, Great idea for the blogmas!
    I’m doing blogmas too 🙂

    here are my questions for the Q&A:

    Why is Christmas the best time of year?
    Do you have a fond memory of Christmas?
    What is the best present you have received on Christmas?

    Seeing as I’m doing Blogmas too and I’m doing a Q&A, id appreciate it if you would comment on my blog as well. Also, sorry if it sounded like I’m copying you, I just love the idea and I am just doing a Q&A as well so I hope you don’t mind. Thank you!

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