Hello Guys!

I am SO grateful for all the support I am getting from you and it just makes me so happy to blog. I’m so sorry for not posting much and that’s because I’ve go to this place called school which keeps me pretty busy. So yep, totally enjoying life. But what I am really excited for is Christmas and blogmas! REALLY REALLY EXCITED! By the way I am going to be doing blogmas for only 12 days as I have to prepare for my mocks so that’s sad. But I’ll be posting them every other day, so like Monday then Wednesday etc. Remember to ask me some question for my Q&A! So lets get into the post!

So my school chose few people (like 10 out of like 500+!) as the talented/bright students, in which I was selected too! Basically in other words, NERD! Sorry I can’t help it. Anyways, those selected students are part of this project with Cambridge University! Now if you do not know about this university, then it’s one of the best universities in England (I think), which means it’s really exciting for me to be part of this! There were three parts to the project:

  1. Lecture – Brief explanation at my school by uni staff
  2. Research Project – research anything we want and write a report that will be sent to the uni staff (people in charge of this project from Cambridge
  3. Visit to Cambridge Uni – visit for a whole day at uni + museum

So today was the visit and it went so successfully. We got to meet amazing current students who were so hilarious! Also we only visited like one college that is part of the Cambridge Uni. The one I went was apparently older than most of them and it was like visiting a slightly modern version of Hogwarts! And I do not want to bore you with my HP fangirling moments. But yeah it was absolutely amazing! The students told us how much fun it is to be there. I am literally trying to imagine me there right now! The only three reasons why I was slightly disappointed:

  • we found out that it costs quite a lot for accommodation but that can be sorted
  • we had barely anytime in the gift shop at the museum which was annoying as I like to collect cute souvenirs wherever I go (still got some, but would’ve loved to spend more time in there)
  • it was quite cold (walked maybe less than half of the day and stayed inside more!)

So I just wanted you guys to know how much fun I had and also show few pictures I took. Not many of them as we had to move on but here you go:


So here are the two things I got to buy in 2 minutes as we were running out of time (literally the first two things I saw):

I hope you liked this post about my little day trip and how nerdy my school thinks I am! So hope you guys have a great time and spread the good vibes! Byeeeeeee!





19 thoughts on “APPARENTLY I AM CLEVER!

  1. It’s so amazing that you got to be part of that project! It sounds very exciting (I’m a nerd too as you can see😅). I went to Cambridge University last month for a school trip and I agree – there were TONS of HP fangirling moments! My friend even bought a HP watch in a gift shop in Cambridge! What colleges did you visit? Btw the pictures are great! Is the first one the Mathematical Bridge by any chance?

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      1. Sorry it took me so long to reply – I’ve been really busy 🙂 and YASSS NERDS UNITE!!! Oooh was it nice? And I can imagine with the fangirling – I was pretty much the same!

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