How are we all?  I can’t even describe how cold I am right now. It’s soo cold that I need to wear layers of clothes. How is the weather where you live? To be honest it was a bit hard to think of ideas for Blogmas especially with my family not celebrating Christmas. But then I got an idea of which I will describe to you my ideal casual December day ( before Christmas day) (school and holiday). I don’t think this will mean a lot to you but to me, it’s going to be a text explaining how I thought of and wanted Christmas to be like in 2016! So let’s get going!:)

School Day:

So normal casual morning routine with a bit of Xmas music on to start the day with some festive spirits. Then, if it was a non-school uniform day, then I’ll be wearing a cosy thick Christmas jumper with some leggings/jeans (black). Then I’ll put some nice Christmas socks on and wear winter boots. To add to this I’ll probably wear a woollen hat with some nice thick gloves (remembering the jacket too). Then when you leave, you should be abled to see bright white snow just above my feet and more snow flakes dropping from the sky. When we get to school, the whole school should be decorated (like extreme!) and lots and lots of festive music. In the canteen they should serve us like proper Christmas dinner and hot chocolate etc. Ooooh, wherever we go, there should be bowls of little chocolate as a treat. At break and lunch with friends singing along with the songs and opening presents given to each other. And in lesson, we’ll have to do Christmas related activities. And the day should go like that forever.

Holiday/ home-time:

This is the part that I really really like! This is the part where I’ll try and take some photographs to summarise my mood/experience and to capture the moments! Then I’ll get it and get changed into to my winter/cosy pyjamas. Then I’ll get myself a hot chocolate and chillax on the sofa in front of the fireplace watching christmas movies. OR doing that whilst we have  some lovely family time chatting and with big smiles on all of our faces!


I hope you had great fun reading my version of an ideal day like this. What’s your version like! I hope you have great fun and joy! byeeeee!








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