Helllooooooo Everyone!

How are we all? Have you been enjoying your christmas so far? Well I have and especially doing blogmas! So for today’s post I am going to be answering just few questions that you wonderful people asked me! So let’s get into it:

1.What is your favourite food at christmas?
You might not know that my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas and I know it’s horrible! But I tend to do all the things that usually happens like buying gifts etc. So I don’t really have a meal that I like but there is this amazing cake that I buy at Lidl called Nürnberger Lebkuchen and you might of guessed it is in German so if you know any German, what does that mean? It’s really nice cause it has all the spices and sweetness and yum yum yum!

2.What’s one of your best memories of xmas?

I think it was when I was about 5/6 I got this  MASSIVE (at least at that time for me) christmas tree and I was told that we won’t be getting any presents. (I know I said we don’t celebrate but I’ll explain in another post). So on Christmas day I come to see under the tree looking for anything and there was nothing. But when I turned around…THERE WAS THIS MASSIVE (LITERALLY TWICE THE SIZE OF ME AT 5 YEARS OLD) TEDDY BEAR! It was like a dream come true.  It was so big and cuddly that I could literally sleep on it. And you know what’s funnier? It took more space than me on my bed! 😂😂😂

3.What do you like to do for christmas eve?

I just get into my Christmas jumper and watch christmas movies none stop with my brother drinking some hot chocolate! (Like chilling in heaven!) And listen to christmas music in repeat!

5.Have u ever had a snowy/white Christmas?

Yes, in fact it was sooooo badly snowing that I didn’t have school for two day as it was up to my waist

6.Which is more exciting? The countdown to Xmas or Christmas day?

I really really think it’s the countdown to christmas. Because I get all excited and decorated and basically keep myself busy in the festive mood but on Christmas day it’s just a chill and I think prefer to be buzzing around all the day being busy with Christmas than having a chilled day. But of course there are some days which I prefer to chill more.

7. Is it the best time of the year?

Of course it is! Christmas to me is every happiness of my life put together and especially with a new year approaching, what can go wrong?

8. Best present?

It must be that massive teddy bear. I mean who wouldn’t want that. But I didn’t have it after a month or so because…well you’ll find out in another post! (Hint hint childhood memories on the way)!

9. One golden  blogging tip

I know that many of you blog and are very dedicated to it. But when you’re dedicated it get slightly serious and stressing. So don’t write a post because 1) beacuse you want more followers and 2) because you’ve said that you’ll do a blog post every week. Do it because you have fun blogging or because you have time. This doesn’t mean you’re not dedicated. It just means you’re not feeling in the writer mood/busy etc… I’ve been off blogging for couple of weeks. Not because I want to but because I’ve been too busy with school and I would always try to fit in a blog post when I can.

10. What’s the best thing about christmas?

I think the bit where my school puts on loud xmas songs and we get to have a proper chillaxed school day doing whatever v want!

Thank you for all the questions and I hope you liked this! Sorry for my long answers, I can’t help it! Well see you next time! Remember next post in 1 day (or is 2 whatever)!



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