Hello Everyone! How are we all? How Christmassy are you feeling? I am in a very festive mood as my health has improved a lot so thank god for that! So today I am going to be sharing my top three favourite christmas movies that I watch every year (literally)!

I can’t really choose a movie that I hate because all these movies are amazing. But you know how you can like something slightly more than others. Well that’s how I’ve chosen my top three so here you go (by the way, all the following images are from Google):

3) Arthur Christmas


This movie is so interesting! It tells you the story I guess from North Pole and how presents are delivered. At first I hated it as it wasn’t like a traditional. By this I mean the way even Santa and his little group uses/need technology, kind of annoyed me. But now I think it’s a very imaginative kind of way to tell a story.

2) Home Alone 1&2

Home Alone
Home Alone 2

I can’t even explain how much I love these two films! This was probably my favourite movie when I was younger too! I just realised how much these two movies warn about things in a funny way. For example, it tells you indirectly to check if all the members of your family are with you at the airport etc. It’s amazing but I do prefer the first one as it’s more unique. I feel like the second one is quite the same.

1) Elf


I absolutely LOVE this movie! Will Ferrell’s acting is amazing! I think this movie just sums up all of christmas into one which is why many people like me love it so much!

Well I hope you have fun reading this and let me know which 3 movies are in your top list in the comments down below! I can’t even explain how thankful I am for all your support! Byeeeee! (I am so excited for the next post!)



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