Mistakes #2


Guys I am soooooooooooo sorry for all this! I think I found out why my scheduled posts were deleting, basically cause my laptop broke down and I am using my phone it’s not saving properly. Lui, I am suuuuuper sorry for this. Alanna I am sorry to in advance if anything goes wrong. I think I am not going to be continuing with Blogmas as I clearly need to learn how to schedule something on my phone. If technology doesn’t give up on me, than hopefully Alanna’s collab will publish. Apart from that stress and tension has filled up my life! I will probably start blogging more in the holidays and maybe even have some random blogmas posts just for fun! I am so sorry! I am so sad and upset! Not feeling that festive:(


12 thoughts on “Mistakes #2

  1. Hey, don’t worry! Its not your fault. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you but if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter 🙂 I”ll still leave a link and they can read all of your other wonderful posts ♡

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  2. oh no! that sucks so much, and I can totally relate 🙂 and don’t worry about our collab, we have 2017 to look forward to 😉 I really hope ur technology sorts it stuff out, and hopefully you’ll be back to blogging in ease in no time! Wishing u all the best, and still excited to read ur posts, Blogmas or not 🙂 Lui xx ❤

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  3. reading this was such a relief! Thank you for the support and understanding the situation. I am so happy the way you took this situation! I can’t stop saying thank you anymore! Hug* Silviya xxx


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