Christmas Wishlist!

Helllooooooo Everyone!

Hello, how are we all? And if you’re doing blogmas, how has that been? Now today’s post is a collab with my amazing friend Alanna! Do make sure you check out her blog as she’s one of the most dedicated person to blogging I’ve ever seen. As you might have guessed from the title that I am going to be listing my wishlist but I just wanted to say sorry for not being active and not doing the collab in time. Now let’s get into the post!

Now EVERYONE has many things they want including me but I am not going to be listening all of them, just the ones I think are appropriate cause I don’t want to be here all day writing a massive list. So here we go:

1.Zoella Beauty – Ginger Bread Range


Now you might not know that I love Christmas, gingerbread and Zoella Beauty.  And when you put them together  it’s like heaven, right?

2. All the books in Zoella book-club


The books are:

  • All The Bright Places
  • We Were Liars
  • Everything Everything 
  • Fangirl
  • The Potion Diaries 
  • Billy and Me
  •  The Sky Is Everywhere 
  • Beautiful Broken Things

I may seem nerdy, which I probably am, but I hate reading text books! I love novels cause they have a story to it instead facts that will be never remembered in my life! I feel like Zoe has an amazing taste in the choice of her books because her books (Girl Online) itself is amazing! Hint hint: book review on the way!

3. Laptop



This is not necessary but I would love one maybe this should be the last one on the list but not too bad!

4. Phone case



Now this one is so needed. My current phone case may has no use. Literally!  I’ve got a crack on my phone cause I dropped it once (maybe twice…wait oh, like 10 times). But still, its one of those flip open ones so when I dropped my phone it just opens up. I just don’t see a point apart from the fact that it is the same colour as my phone! So I’ve decided my new one will cover the front and back of my phone!

5. Candles


I am massive lover of candles because God they make your house smell like heaven! It’s amazing! And christmas ones are the best as they have a lot spices kiel cinnamon and spiced apple or candy cane!

6. Massive Teddy Bear


OK, you might have think that’s weird but if you read my Q&A blog post, I explained to you that bear story.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Till next time, byeeeee!



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