Bye 2016!

Helllooooooo Everyone!

Hello Everyone! How are we all? I am going through some mixed emotions! I kind of feel sad but also very excited. So this blog post was meant to be a tag which was called ‘this time of the year’, which I read by Alanna’s post. And I wanted to do it but not as a tag but something similar. So here we are!

2016 has gone in blink! Seriously, time flies as I get older which to be honest sucks. But there are so many things I look forward to. So in this post I’ll be reflecting on the year: what went well, what went terrible, mistakes etc. So let’s get into the post!


  • Definitely starting this amazing blog! Seriously it’s been absolutely AMAZING! I do hope our journey stays like this or stronger in the future. And obviously the new friends I found online like Lui, Courtz, Alanna and many more! Thank you so much!
  • Being open and controlling anxiety/depression. This must be one of the top as well. Compared to last  year, GOD THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! Last year this time I was pretty much crying my eyes out for many reasons that now have been solved. This year I didn’t want anxiety or depression take over my life!
  • Being confident and strong. Yep, I am ten times stronger mentally and much more confident with others. I didn’t want to be that weak little girl who barely talked to anyone!
  • My birthday! When I did many things out of my comfort zone and that I would’ve never imagined myself doing. It was a challenge but I did and enjoyed a lot with my family!
  • Being selected as a bright and talented student in my year. This is and sounds nerdy and I am quite proud of it!


  • I need to focus more with studying and get all my coursework done. In other words settle into year ten and GCSE!
  • I need to get more organised. I mean I’ve got the folders and storages, it’s just I don’t use them well!
  • Look after myself more. Do daily exercise, drink a LOT MORE water, buy myself things.

This is pretty much everything! I am quite and very happy with how well this year has gone! I also realised it’s nearly 6 MONTHS since I started blogging! What? That’s gone quick. Well that’s what they say, when you’re having fun, time flies!

Well hope really hope you liked this and you too reflected on your year. I also hope everyone’s happy with how they’re ending the year and looking forward to the next year! I’ll be back very soon!






6 thoughts on “Bye 2016!

  1. awesome post, and I am so proud of you!! its not an easy thing to overcome depression or anxiety, so u should be incredibly proud of yourself πŸ™‚ and I am so glad to have u as a friend!! πŸ˜€ I look forward to next year when we can do a collab, and watch our blogs grow πŸ™‚ ❀ Happy New Year! πŸ™‚ ❀

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