HELLO 2017!




IT’S 2017! ARGHHH! Can you believe it? 2017! New year! New beginning!

I am back from all that excitement! And yes, happy new year! How are you all feeling? Have you got your fireworks ready? Have you made your new year’s resolution? Well I have and I am ready to tell you all my goals! But before that I want to share with you few quotes to start my first blog post of the year!


So now to my goals, I didn’t want to raise the bar too high so that I don’t give up but not too low either cause it’ll be too easy. So I always find it hard to find the perfect goal but this year I just knew exactly what I needed to do. Maybe cause I am getting older and mature. Well that’s a surprise. Anyways these are my goals for 2017:

  • Do more exercise – I really need to improve my daily workouts.
  • Self love – now this idea, I got from Zoe (aka Zoella) because the previous year all the things I did was mainly for another person. So this year I am going to try and give myself some time or treat now and then.
  • Focus more on learning – I need to really focus on learning as the government have made the GCSE papers twice the harder it already is which means more hardwork. Thanks! But this could mean blogging and entertainments get less. 😦
  • Save money – I need to start saving some money cause whenever I need it, I barely have anything left.
  • Be more confident – I need to stop thinking what others will think of me if I did something and just don’t give a crack about what others think. 
  • Being organised – I have all my folders and storages, but I just need to learn how to use it efficiently.

    What were your new year’s resolution? I would love to see yours in the comments down below! Are you excited for this year? I really hope you liked reading this post and I hope to be back soon! See you soon! Let’s all spread the good vibes (I don’t know why I said that, oh well!)


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