My Inspirations

Hello Everyone!

Can you believe it’s 2017! I hope you’re having a great start! So for today’s post I am going to be telling you my top three inspirations and why they’re my inspirations! 
Now these three people aren’t my only inspiration cause I could be listing many (emphasised) people but that would take me a long time. However these three people are my main inspirations in the current time. So here we go!


I can’t explain to you how much I love this person! She is one of the most successful and beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life! Her blogYouTube channel and her Girl Online book series (Girl OnlineGirl Online on Tour and Girl Online Going Solo) have taught me so many lessons! The quote “she can do anything if she wants to” (I am not sure if it’s exactly worded like that) can be seen in Zoe! I feel like we’ve got some similar opinions on  different things too.

Now I’m not entirely sure if you know this person but she’s a 12 year old girl who is technically a YouTuber. But that the fact that she is a YouTuber doesn’t inspire me  (well sort of). They way she had a condition (AVM) and didn’t let that change the way she wants to live. She is a rising star (well I think) on YouTube and got a Pride of Britain Award too! She’s achieved so much already and I hope I turn into a girl who is as brave and courageous as Lilly.

To be honest with you I barely knew this woman before the US election. I mean I knew who she was and the basics. But during the US election in 2016, I watched one of her speeches and I was just like “God, that woman is amazing!” So ever since I’ve been looking her up and etc. So I got inspired by so many things she said about life, love and education. I wish I could just format them all the print them to frame them on my bedroom wall! I think she’s the best person to go for advice. Her quotes always give a message leaving me to think about life and mistakes. I am just so glad we have this woman to look up to!

(All images from Internet)

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Who are your top three inspirations? Let me know down below! I hope you had a great start of 2017 and all the joy continues throughout the year without fail! For now byeee!!!!!


21 thoughts on “My Inspirations

  1. awesome pot – I love it!! πŸ˜€ and omg Michelle Obama is just perfection hahaha πŸ˜€ she is definitely one of my biggest inspirations too πŸ™‚ I think I’d have to put Adele up there as well, but choosing a third is so hard πŸ˜‰ But probably someone like Theodora Lee (youtuber) coz she just seems like an absolute and genuine sweet heart ❀ ❀ xx

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  2. Great post, really interesting to see your different inspirations! I totally agree that Zoella is a brilliant inspirations, I really enjoy watching her videos too! I hadn’t heard of Nikki Lilly but I’ll definitely look her up. Michelle Obama is great too. Zoella would also be one of inspirations and also Malala Yousafazai. ☺

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    1. I feel like I can’t stop thanking you for your constant support. Thank you! And yes Zoella is just amazing! Malala Yousafazai is a great inspiration too! She is a great person to look up on as a role model. Great woman!

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      1. Aw you’re very welcome!
        We’re watching the documentary about Malala Yousafazai in school at the moment, it’s so good!

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