Hello Everyone!

My third post of the year! One thing I am already happy about is me blogging more because last year I kind of realised how inactive I was so from this year, I need to improve. But I don’t want to focus on blogging more than studies or vice verse. My mum probably will get annoyed if I blog too much! Nearly forgot to ask you, how are you and how are feeling about 2017 so far?

Anyways, so for today’s post I wanted to write a review on the latest nail varnishes I got! Now I don’t think I’ve done a review before so if it’s a bit terrible, please try and cope with it cause people make mistakes. Another confirmation that I am human. So I got these two nail varnishes. They’re both from a brand called essence and the I think the range ‘The Metals’. I really like that name! So here you go:

Turn up the volume!

I am really liking these names! Now this colour is a very vibrant pink and has a little (tiny) bit of shimmer which is really cute. I would personally call it a very girly girly colour. I think this colour would look amazing in summer on most people as summer is the season for bright and shimmery colours! I would give this a 9.5/10. It’s amazing but when taking it of it takes a  bit longer and this might me just me. The price of this was apperantly £1.80 in Wilkinson. Cause I really liked this colour I went to see if they’ve got any other nail varnishes in that range (The Metals) in Wilkinson where my friend bought it. And I found this…

This nail varnish I think is my favourite even though it’s quite hard to choose between the first one and this one! This colour so reminds me of a peacock. It’s like a deep sea turquoise colour with that metallic effect (the title pretty much says about the metallic effect!) And this metallic effect can be also seen in the ‘turn up the volume!’ nail varnish. I absolutely would wear this in all the season (maybe something more festive near Christmas)!  These two colours, I feel like I wouldn’t wear it to school as they’re too vibrant and I feel like it catches too many eyes (I know, I over think about stuff)! In conclusion I would give this one a 10/10 in my opinion! 
How was my first review? Did I do a good job? Which nail varnish is your favourite? Let me know down below! By the way I am so thankful and grateful for all the support from anyone who has visited my blog and took their time to read my rambling! It means a lot because I would never guess five people would’ve liked my writing! Well I hope you enjoyed and let me know what type of blog posts you’d like to see? Until next time, byeee!


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