Our Birthdays!

Hello Everyone!

How are we all? How has 2017 been? Todays post is going to be quite short because 1. I have many homeworks to get done and 2. Because this post is technically just one question!

I know one question only!? Well that’s because…you will find out why later! I’ve realised, how people have started to do many collaborations with other bloggers which makes me so happy as we are uniting together and building our friendship. But I don’t want this happening just because of a collab. That’s why I want to ask you one question:


I know pretty random, right? Well, that’s because being a friend is important but being a nice person is amazing too! So I want all of you who are reading this to quickly comment down below your name and date of birth/birthday! This is because then I’ll do a blog post typing up everyone’s birthdays with the name and anyone who sees that can wish the person a happy birthday on their birthday and just say nice things. And of course you get to know the person before wishing. No one has to join me on this because I’ll happily wish anyone a happy birthday because wouldn’t that make your day? I am not sure if you understood but that’s how I can word it. When more birthdays are given I’ll update the birthday blog post! So if you haven’t start commenting now! I hope you have a great day today and we continue making friends in this blogsephere! Byeee!


(P.s. my birthday is on 23rd August 2002!)


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