Reuniting with cousins!

Hello Everyone!

Hello! I am so sorry for not being active here for the past two weeks! It’s just I’ve had exams, coursework deadlines and just been in such a mess! However I did have a great weekend last week! So I thought why not share with you my experience! If you didn’t know, I was born in Germany and came to England when I was about eight. So it’s been seven years since I’ve seen part of my family:( I know, sad times. Anyways so I miss them a lot and they miss me too. Especially my cousins (by the way, when I say family, I mean they are just from my mum’s side). I thinks it’s because we’re the closet and are the younger generation! We are so close that we call each other brother and sister in my language (maybe the only few words I know!). 

So I was really nervous when my cousin, let’s call her “V”, called to tell us she’s coming, cause she’s bringing her husband. And you what made me nervous was that I’ve never seen him/talked to him or anything. And if you know me then you would know that I am very shy person when it comes to talking to, I guess strangers. And so many questions evaporated in my head like: is he going to be nice? What if he doesn’t like me? What if V has changed into a different person? But the biggest question was: HOW AWKWARD IS IT GOING TO BE?! 

When I opened the door (mind you that this was literally three minutes from 00:00 – her birthday!), I was there frozen on the spot! She just lookes like a totally different person and honestly I felt heartbroken at the fact that V isn’t or doesn’t look like the person I used to have great memories with. And he (my brother-in-law = I need to call him like that in my language as it’s more respectful (me screaming inside -HELP!)), just shook my hands. That’s when the awkwardness started. Let’s call him “K”.

So that night was as horrible as it sounds but then luckily he had to leave cause he forgot to buy his wife a birthday present and there is me inside screaming: THANK GOD! So we (me and my brother) spent that morning with V, eating chocolate and face-timing my aunt and uncle. So we planned to go shopping later that day as K wouldn’t be coming back soon. So I went to take a shower. Halfway through my shower I get a lot of knocking from V and my brother saying: there is a surprise for you, hurry up! I was like (in my head), more?!
So I hurry up and find myself facing my other cousin so V’s brother (who I call brother too), let’s call him “T”, with his girlfriend called let’s say…“B”. I was there with mixed emotions cause I was shocked/happy/surprised and more that I can’t name. So it becomes awkward again but not so difficult as T is great at making everyone bond.  You see what the gift K went to get for V!  From that everything went up hill!

We had lunch and went shopping which was amazing! Though we kind of came back shivering as it was freezing! But apart from that, it was great. Then came home chatted for a while and our stomach started grinding as we were hungry as it was abut 7/8pm. So V and I were given the job to order food cause we’re food experts. We got pizzas and my uncle came, which everyone kind of hated as let’s say, he enjoys giving advice. 

So after he left we all played cards/listened to each others favourite music and chatted. So just chilled and had great fun. B was really nice and cause she’s not Sri Lankan I was very amused to talk to her. We talked about favourite TV shows and found out we both love PLL! All of us, by this I mean me, T, B and my mum stayed up till 1:30am and kind of dozed away. 

The next morning they left giving me some of their gifts. After they went, realised how much fun I had and how much I have/will be missing them:( So that weekend taught me the value of family in my life and how much I miss them. I just want to thank V and T for making this weekend just an enjoyable memory!

How close are you with your family? Do you bond closely with your cousins? Let me know below! I hope you had fun reading this post! Sorry for making it a bit longer today, didn’t realise! Oops!


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