Hello Everyone,

(Currently listening to my absolute favourite love songs in my language cause I just think they’re my favourite and I mean they’ll help me write this post, so why not!) I don’t want to ramble much as my other posts so here you go:


What does love mean to you? To me love can be seen from three perspectives (and more or less depending on each person): love (couples),  friendly and interest. To me love as a whole, makes up most of the positivity in my life. I’ve never been in a relationship/simply I’ve been single all my life but that doesn’t make me hate/dislike/nor bothered about Valentine’s Day because this day is a day for me to realise and appreciate things and people I love. Now you might think that’s not right/correct but to be honest it’s my opinion and I get to decide how I spend this special day (was that deep?, I don’t know!). So now let me explain what I mean by the three perspectives of love:

  • Love (couples)

This is the romantic part of it. I couldn’t come up with a different name to this category because simply and plainly, its love. Like pure love. Like the love that cannot be separated. (Maybe a little dramatic there!) But to be honest with you, the amount of experience and knowledge I have is very low or even nothing. I can just imagine/dream of myself in this position with my partner. Really, it’s just so exciting to wait for things like this to be happen in the future!

  • Friendly

Now this is the bond I have with other important people in my life like my mum, friends etc. It doesn’t stop! The connection with the other person is really really strong but not the type of connection between partners. Do you understand? For example the connection between you and your mum or dad or best friend. Relationships like this, I can’t word it, it automatically is there. Like I don’t have this kind of relationship with my grandma because we’re just not that close. If you didn’t understand, then I’m truly sorry!

  • Interests

This perspective is not as serious and deep as the first two because this is the connection of my liking. In other words we could say…I guess passion. Like the love for blogging in my case or my passion for photography. This is the love for the things you have/ like to do. Mind you, it’s not like, it’s love!

Now some people do ask me if I am ever upset about being single and you know what I said and thought; being single isn’t a bad thing because 1)I’ve got the rest of my life (a lot of it) to find a correct person who I feel attracted to and 2) I don’t want anything to distract me from my focus at the moment which is studying (I know very sad but the truth is I want a good career). So being is single is just amazing as I am a free bird who doesn’t need to worry about making the wrong decisions or break ups etc.

Are your categories/perspectives similar to mine? Are you single or not? I know that some of todays content wasn’t directly related to valentine’s day but let’s say it was indirectly connected to valentines day because as I always do, I just went in a flow, letting the words lead me. So I hope you have a great and amazing Valentine’s Day with your loved ones! See in my next post! For now byeee!




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