My Absence :(

Hello Everyone!

How are you all? It feels amazing to be writing online again! I’ve really missed blogging and how it made me feel for a long time:( I’ve also missed being able to communicate with all my blogging friends! I am just going to start talking about the actual absence because I know I won’t stop rambling.

So I think the main reason is because of the overload of coursework and school pressure. As I am about an year into my GCSE courses and how the exams are made harder than before, we are forced to become nerds (in my case, the nerdiest), which is not helpful as I am too stressed. Stressing causes me to have a mental break down every night. Literally! I would have these sudden panick modes, where I am half crying and trying to get everything done. It was plainly horrific! I know that there were other factors that let me to this state that I am in but school was the worst I think.

Another reason for all this mess is my mental state. It’s been so unhelpful! I either feel super stressed and/or extremely upset. All this has made me so unmotivated to do anything! But thats when I realised that I made a blog post about motivations so why not just follow my own advice! I’ve been much more positive and I’ve also exercised more too, which is helping SO MUCH! Walking in the spring weather is also very relaxing!

I know this was nothing entertaining or interesting but I just had to let the words flow and I guess de-clutter! Hope that I start blogging more from now! Hope you have a great week/weekend/day!





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