Me and Technology

Hello Friends! (I thought I needed a little change)

 Thank you for the support on my blog and social medias, I really appreciate it! It means a lot! So today I am going to be talking about my relationship with technology. It has been a long journey and you’re going to read its summary!


Up to the age of eight, I barely knew how to use the TV and the only type of phones I’ve seen are the old styles (can’t find the right words 😂), nothing really fancy (I barely even touched my mum’s mobile or the home phone!). At this point of my life, me using technology independently was very rare, so lets say at the maximum of 5% of my life.(Old) Computers were like the best thing invented – to me at that time. Laptops didn’t even exist at that time in my world. I think the main reason was because I was just obsessed with my dolls and colouring books. I was one imaginative and creative child! 


Technology has invaded my life. Actually technology is my life (a bit too dramatic). Literally, I can’t live without my phone. Now obviously I don’t use the new tech but I’ve at least heard/know of many new stuff/ technical invention like VR and the new watches (like apple watch or something!). I feel like I am drowning in the tech! At an estimate of 70-80% of my life has something to do with technology, which I am pretty guilty of but it’s just like second nature now. Oops! (I just re-read this paragraph and realised that I have used ‘like’ too many time!)

The elders in my family (uncle, mum, aunties and grandma etc) are ,lets say, “great” at using technology. It’s like watching the best comedy show live. Literally! The other day, my oldest uncle called me asking if I have sent him this email and after 1 hour of me trying to explain how to open his email on his phone (also with me pissing myself in laughter), he STILL couldn’t open his email! I was like: “scrap this, I’ll just post you the printed version”. It was hilarious😂!

But I need to remember technology has provided me with so much knowledge and experience! And now it has lead me to this amazing blogging community and incredible online friends! How was your relationship with technology? Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great week!



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