13 Reasons Why 

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So today’s post is going to be about the amazing and trending TV show called …

                 13 REASONS WHY

Ok before I start talking in depth about this series, I just wanted to say that I know there are going to be different opinions; some people might absolutely love it and others might think it’s too sad/it’s just another TV show etc. But this post is about my opinion and my feedback on this show/series.

The story:

A story about a girl named Hannah Baker, who died of sucide. A boy named Clay Jensen discovers these tapes of the reasons for her decision. 13 of them. The reveal of the truth and the realisation of the wrong.
 The pain from bullying and depression.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SERIES would definitely give it 10 out of 10! I also would 100% recommend it to anyone (maybe not who are really young – so under I don’t know, 10 or 9). Now to the reason; not because of how hot or cute the characters are but because of the realism in it. Nothing in the episodes is shown in a pretty and beautiful way. Everything was real (or most of it at least!). Like the deaths or the accidents. 
And the point of this was (I think) to emphasise that there are some people out there in the world who go through so much pain and Hannah is one of them unfortunately. Also I didn’t thankfully go through the pain that Hannah went through but I did go through a different type of pain. This is why I liked it because technically it was educating us on how we shouldn’t treat others. 

 I am not sure there will be a season 2 and some part of me doesn’t want a season 2 because usually the best episodes are in the first season and I don’t want to let the 10 go down to a 9. However I will be making sure that I buy and read the book version! I’ll tell you how it went. So hope you enjoyed the post and have a great week!


6 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why 

  1. I have to watch it in near future! Everyone talks about it!!! I saw the book in the store a few times but I never thought it would be this good as everyone says now1 so I have to read it first too 🙂 Lovely opinion and Review!

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