Life Update (May 2017)

Hello friends!

So today I thought I’ll let you know what I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks. I haven’t written a post like this so if you like it, let me know! 

  • Packing 

I am moving houses soon and I’ ve been pretty busy packing and helping my mum sort out things, which to be honest has been quite painful as I am lazy but I’ve been much more active! Also after I move, I might not be able to write many posts as I won’t have internet for a while and I’ll be VERY busy!:(

  • Positivity in school

School has been quite laid back but that’s maybe because I’ve been ignoring things that has to be done. But there were many positive news which I am over the moon about like my grades improving a lot – nerd. Art coursework is piling up (a bit) but after that it’s pretty good. Also my English teacher wasn’t in school for two weeks so more positivity! Yayy!

  • Easter holidays 

Easter holidays was amazing as I watched 13 reasons why (review of the series) and I caught up on so many things that had to be done AGES ago! I started blogging more, which was awsome as I really missed it! So now I am much more happier! The two weeks allowed me to take many pictures which was really fun too! 

  • Thinking

Now I’ve been thinking things over a lot. I am trying to sort many things in my brain. Some thoughts are just useless but others like how could I revise the best or what A-levels am I going to pick etc? There are many answers that I am looking for! Maybe over-thinking? So I’ve decided to write in my journal more to declutter a little! 

Hope you enjoyed reading the post and have a great week! 


11 thoughts on “Life Update (May 2017)

  1. I’m going into college in a year (I’m still I year 10) and the pressure at school for a level choices is pretty big – I’m thinking English lit, business studies and maybe biology but I’m not sure rn x

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  2. Hope all is well! Remember no to overhink ur choices as it’s not the end of the world what you choose: your only young. Hope you enjoy your new house! Remember to not let school bombard you with stress of getting the coursework in before the deadline! Glad your still blogging! Xx

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