Hey Internet!

You’ve come here to see what’s my blog is about, right? Well, it’s not  about everything unfortunately you can imagine but some of it I guess. I’ll be writing about me (of course), experiences, about tips I think this world needs and maybe even my secrets … 

If you want to know more about me then go and checkout my first blog post! This blog is basically a mind voice of a thirteen years old girl who has a passion for blogging and photography. I won’t be giving out my details and pictures of me because I am ugly (trust me) and the nerd of the year at school. But the best part of being anonymous is that you won’t really get judged. Well if you try and judge me, what’s the point like you don’t even know all about me! Well I just hope you like my blog and please feel free to comment down below! 

Blog post about me:

Who Am I?


Silviya xoxo